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Delivery Service: If you have an existing soft copy of a professional image, choose the “Delivery (of photo taken previously in a professional studio)” service in under the drop down called “Service”; select the number of people requiring the service and the number of passport photos required per person, upload your image(s) and simply submit – we will will edit, print and deliver the photographs at a location of your choosing.

Photo taken from Mobile Delivery Service: If you have a phone camera that is more than 12 megapixels, you can simply take a photo with your phone camera and attach it here and we will edit, print and deliver you the photo in the right dimensions and following the specifications. You just have to follow the below rules while taking the photo:

  • Keep straight face
  • Look straight to the camera
  • Your eyes open and visible (not red eyes)
  • No hair on face
  • No smiling
  • No glasses
  • Ears should show (if female then it is recommended but not necessary – scarfed women should ignore) (of  

Passport Size Photos

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