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What is our Service?

Ozelu is an online service that simplifies the process of taking passport size photographs for visa applications or other official documents.

Forget about visiting a photo studio to get your photograph clicked, by using out E-Services. Ozelu offers two types of services; "Delivery" of your existing passport size photo (if you already have a soft copy of your picture) and "Photo Upload from Mobile", if you have a phone with a camera that is 12 megapixels or more, and we will edit, print and deliver the passport size photos to a location of your choice.

Marwa Gamal
Quick and efficient. Quality v good.

Surendran Nagarajan

Easy n simple way of printing photos. Card or cash payment with home delivery is a plus.

Noor Salem

Excellent service, uploaded our passport photos for visa application, within just a few hours the photos were delivered exactly as per requirements, very easy and practical. I wont hesitate to use the service again!

Nancy Hatamleh

Highly recommend Ozelu Online Photo Studio, easy to use their portal, top-notch for delivery service, we receive it in few hours. Excellent print quality & inexpensive. 1M star, Ozelu Online Photo Studio you’re the best.

Yasmine Zoya

Very professional, easy to use portal, i uploaded the photos online and they delivered it in a couple of hours later same day, totally recommend

Eric Daya

Excellent Service. Very fast and reliable. Thanks to Ozelu, we have been able to apply for our baby daughter passeport in record time. Thanks again!

sarah nolan

Fantastic service so user friendly! Sent my picture in and photos were delivered to my door within a couple of hours! 5 stars

Matthew Hagan

We ordered our newborn daughter's pictures at 4.30pm and they were delivered to our door at 7pm. Excellent service and really good value. Thanks!

Osamah Awartani

Quick and Professional service specially during Covid time, I sent the required pictures through the email and they printed and delivered the same within few hours πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ

shokat sheik

Efficient, convenient, stress free service. Excellent customer experience !!!